Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey, what’s the deal? I’m so happy today. I spoke with my PR firm yesterday and it went great. We talked about all the things I hope to do in the future with my music and with the Company. It was amazing. I really feel like things are starting to go well. All I need is the Company to move a little bit faster than they have been. I mean, I’m quick, I like going in and getting things done correctly then move onto the next project. That’s just me.

I’m very impatient, when it comes to what I want to do for myself. If I get thing going, then I want them to stay that way and keep moving. So as long as I keep my shit in order and do it the way I love, than shit will be handled, no questions asked.

My son is on his way here from Texas! I’m sooooooo happy, and I mean REALLY happy. I haven’t seen my son in six to eight months, man. His father is stupid. He knows that my son is the boy in my family. My uncle was killed when I was eight years old, so I am so over protective of my son. I can’t wait until he gets here!

Thanks for tuning in!

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