Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hey ya’ll. What’s up?

Today your girl is trying to see what’s what with this family situation. I’m still lost as to how we started arguing over a locked door that I paid for. The best advice I can give you is to not live with a roommate or family, at all. All it does is bring drama on you for some stupid shit. TRUST ME!!

I’ll try to do my best not to be in that situation again. I know shit happens and that’s cool and all, but I have no time for this at all. I have too much on me already as far as this music and my daughter, plus work and school, which I’m about to start.

I’ve had enough of the drama all around me. I’m ready for the fan drama. You know, all the yelling of my name, " MANAJ !!!!" "MANAJ !!!!" "MANAJ !!!!"
Yeah!!! That’s what I’m waiting for.

But, I guess as soon as I get straight where I’m going to move, then I’ll get my music done. So until then, ya’ll hold on to ya boots. I’m almost ready to drop this hot shit.

One love,

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