Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, what’s up folks? Ya girl has been having fun these past couple of days.
I’ve been to red carpet events, birthday parties and just club after club. I mean, this thing I call the Holly-hood life is turning out to be more then I thought.
I know I’ve got to get my pictures taken. It's hard to get all this done, you know, but I'm not complaining. Trust that I love it. It's just that with balancing my daughter, work and music’s fame life is crazy.
It seems like you have no time for anyone, not even for yourself.
So you want to make time for friends and family, but in the midst of that you’re spending money and treating everyone because they know you got it.
It's kinda messed up in a way because you understand how you friends and family feel but you still have a job to do.
Now what do you think is more important: having fun or making your money stack up to where you want it to be?
I say stack and be happy later. There’s more to life then just having fun.
Especially when you have kids to raise and you’re a single mother on your grind constantly having people hate on you about who knows what.
I'm just enjoying life for the day whatever happens, happens.
God would not put anything on anyone that they could not handle.
I just feel so blessed that I can let everyone hear what I have to say, weather they like it or not.
It makes me happy just to know that I can touch 1 or 2 souls with my music. That’s the best feeling ever.
Y'all stay up and remember without struggle, there's no progression, so stay grounded.

MANAJ**** :)

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