Friday, October 12, 2007

I want all of you to go to and vote for your girl, however you feel: bad or good. It's just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. I want all the feedback I can get. I think this will help me develop a great fan base and understand what you want from me. I'll be trying to get into everything I can get my hands on that’s positive. I see that a lot of you don’t like the fact that I use bad language in my music, but I see it as expressing how I feel in ways that only someone who has gone through what I have will understand.

Yes, I’m a single mother of two, and I’ve been through a lot of things. I can honestly say that I put myself through a lot because I was just feeling myself a little too hard. But now that I have grown up a little bit more I understand that every other word out of my mouth does not have to be the b-word or n-word. I mean I’m not trying to change up that much. All I want to do is make my fans happy and also myself.

I wonder how you guys would feel growing up if you had a mother and father who used bad language growing up like I did. That’s all I was around, so you got to try and understand that I’m trying to grow out of that, to be a better person for myself and my kids and also for my young fan base.

And if I hurt any single mother by the words that I use in my music, I’m sorry for expressing myself to the fullest.

I try to keep it at 100% as much as possible but I guess a lot of people can’t handle that.
I’m not in the music biz to bad talk guys or girls. I’m just expressing myself in the way that I am used to, I mean no harm.
I’m a loving, outgoing person who loves people.
So get to know me a little bit before you judge me and understand it's not all my fault.
I’m not going to blame anyone for my wrong doings. I just have to mature and grow a little bit more and with your help, I can do so.

I appreciate all the love and respect that I have gained over the past year and am ready for whatever comes my way.

Thanks for everything,

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