Thursday, October 4, 2007

What’s up? It’s your girl on another lovely day. Guess what?! MY SON IS HERE!!!! Yup, my little boy came to see me from Texas after 9 months of his father holding him hostage. I can’t believe he’s here! Finally, I get to see my baby. We went and picked up my daughter and she went nuts. I wanted to cry, it was soooooo sute. But I couldn’t let anyone see my soft side, LOL.

Your girl is still trying to get into the studio. My boy, J Wells, hit me up. You know he fucks with Kurupt. Well, he wants to sell me a beat for $7,500. I’m like, ‘damn, that’s pricy for me.’ So he says he will work with me. I’m okay. That’s cool. So I guess I’m going to wait and see what happens. Hopefully all goes well. Ya'll wish me luck and stick by your girl.

Stay tuned for my next blog. Hopefully I'll have some shows lined up in a minute.
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Anonymous said...

Mahaj dear the truth is you are not in the shadow of your father. You a you, only have his face his eyes and the talent you are beautiful all you have to do is prove that image is not everything get the microphone and start spreading the words you are good gal,stop the gang star shit! rap what is in your heart what you fill what you have and what you love the most if is pain let it out if its happiness let it out gal be your own best friend sit down think hard very hard if you really want this very bad you have to start being real and stop this cat fighting about your father because people will use you and leave you but family are real remember that have that privacy with your father and children don´t expose them to the media you are a good person and you deserve better with your children