Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What’s up fans, friends and family? This is your girl, Manaj. I’ve been slipping lately and I don’t know why. I think I have a lot of pressure on me now that everything is getting off the ground. I didn’t expect things to move so fast, but you know that’s show biz.

I’m going to attend 2 parties this week. One for fashion week’s after party and the other for face2face entertainment model and talent management. I have never been to one. I think that would be phenomenal. I know a lot of people will be there so I'll have to look my best. I mean, of course: this is fashion week and I love fashion!

I am so thrilled to see what is to come. I mean I've seen a lot on TV but never been to one that is live and uncut. I hope it's not like Kat Williams said about the mansion parties. I know these are not mansion parties but there close enough, lol.

I know for sure I will enjoy myself and do well as a rep' for TM Media Group and as an artist. Hopefully this gets on TV so ya'll can see your girl live and uncut.

I'm still working on my DVD/mixtape once again, and my single ‘Gangsta Chick’ will hit the streets by November 2007. So make sure you catch up with every last one of my blogs to know what I’m doing and where I'll be.

And most definitely I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.
Thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

hey gal its time to let it go.
you have your life to live on how wonderful that you have your children to be with have fun stop playing gang star this people all they want is to use you and exploit your ventures
life your life like a woman get the respect and move on if you want to pay gang star now hell now you are better than that dear you are worth every respect and please before you trust the game be your own best friend and your children and you will make it all the way have the faith and believe in yourself don´t be a husler just be you MANAJ and you will make it all the way

Anonymous said...

So, how was the Face2Face Entertainment Model & Talent Management fashion show?

Anonymous said...

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