Sunday, September 30, 2007

What’s up? My boy N.O.Y. came over today and dropped a number for one of my boys TwisT who goes to school for music production. We hooked up a date for Thursday to link up and make some music. He charges a cool amount too; I just hope all goes well. I mean, I believe in him, I just want the music to be leveled right and the sound to be knockin'. I got nothing but faith in my shit and there’s no doubt in me for that man.

Last night I went to the Cabana Club and saw some ridiculous shit! Nigga's got up there trying to do what I do. It killed me. Okay, yeah, I can say like two out of the eight artists were alright, and that shit wasn't cool. I wasted my time. For real!

I can’t wait to drop this DVD. Y'all are going to love it. I just want all my fans to stay down with me. I ain't a ha-SA-ditty bitch. I know what it's like to struggle. Don’t get me wrong, yeah my Dad gave me a lot of money at a young age. I was stupid and didn't know what I was doing and the streets whooped my ass for that. Now I'm older and know a little bit more and I'm learning how to tell the fake for the real niggas. Trust me there's only about five out of fifty and that’s who I need on my team.

But anyway, things are turning out the way I planned and all I can do is what I do and stay on my grind. Not only for me, but for my daughter and son. So you know I'm hungry for this shit!.


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